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The Resilient Recruiter

Feb 1, 2023

Recruiters might need to work a little harder to achieve the same revenue as last year.


“It is not gloom and doom but it is also bringing a little dose of reality that we may need to get our business development hats on, and we may have to ramp up our energy and activity levels a little bit more to generate the same revenues or more.”


These are the words of my special guest, Jeremy Sisemore, who joins us for the second time to share his insight on how to grow your recruitment business in the current market. In this episode, Jeremy talks about the science of having a success mindset, incorporating balance into your personal and recruitment growth, as well as how to set your team up for success.


Jeremy is one of the leading IT executive recruiters in North America and he’s been at the top of his field for the past 20 years. Jeremy has billed over $14 Million in his career and specializes in placing IT executives in SAP, ERP, and Cyber Security at all levels up to and including CIO, CTO, CISO. 


Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [01:33] What’s changed since Jeremy’s first appearance on the show?
  • [04:34] Sharing insights on the current market - comparison with the 2008-09 recession.
  • [07:00] Discussion of mindset and the self-fulfilling prophecy. 
  • [14:00] Competitive diving and the concept of balance
  • [25:00] Incorporating balance into your recruitment activities.
  • [36:23] What is Jeremy doing to create growth and balance? 
  • [45:36] Onboarding new team members and setting them up for success. 
  • [54:22] KPI Roadmap and metrics to help team members to be successful.


The Science of Cultivating a Success Mindset 


The last time I interviewed Jeremy, he emphasized the importance of inner grit which allows you to turn challenging experiences into stepping stones for success. This time, he shared insights on the importance of having the right mindset in the recruitment industry as the current market and economic climate may present some challenges. 


“I think that people might be able to do the same revenue and numbers, but only if their mind is right and they work a little harder. It may not feel as easy to make the same numbers, I don’t think, in 2023 as it might have felt in 2022… 


“It is not gloom and doom but it is also bringing a little dose of reality that we may need to get our business development hats on, we may have to ramp up our energy and activity levels a little bit more to generate the same revenues.”


Our mindset is like a self-fulfilling prophecy - if you expect great things, and great results, then you will go after it! You will be creative, tenacious, and resilient which will translate into great results. The reverse is also true. 


“There is science behind the self-fulfilling prophecy,” added Jeremy. 


You’ll enjoy Jeremy’s story about his experience as a competitive diver and diving coach and how it relates to the value of having the right mindset - for both beginners and experts in almost any field. 


The Concept of Balance and How to Incorporate it Into Your Personal and Business Growth


Aside from having inner grit and possessing the right mindset - Jeremy discussed the concept of balance. “Balance can mean a lot of different things - depending on how you would like to apply that into our world - recruitment, talent acquisition, building a business, getting clients, getting candidates…” 


Jeremy went on to explain how the concept of balance applies in a variety of areas:


  • Balancing work and relationships to address and prevent burnout.
  • Having personal balance for personal and professional growth.
  • Applying balance in your recruitment business and activities.


You will hear how Jeremy applies this principle - especially in the form of self-talk and reflection as well as having the right mental diet.


Setting Up Your Team For Success


We ended our conversation on the topic of onboarding new team members and setting them up for success, even in a remote setup. Here is the outline of the best practices shared by Jeremy:


  • Doing the first four days of training in-person to achieve immersion
  • Doing three-way meetings with a client - as a way of osmosis training.
  • Doing weekly one-on-one and team meetings.
  • Celebrating small and big wins to embed the culture of success.


Jeremy also shared their approach to benchmarking and KPI’s to give each team member a  roadmaps to achieving success.


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Jeremy Sisemore Bio and Contact Info


Jeremy Sisemore has been one of the leading IT Executive Recruiters throughout North America for the past 20 years.  He started his career with MRI and was Rookie of the Year in 2000 and quickly became the go-to resource for SAP & ERP talent acquisition needs nationally.  Jeremy billed millions of dollars in placement revenue over 6.5 years with MRI, received a CSAM Certification, and became known for public speaking on “best practices” within the recruiting industry.  In his career, Jeremy has over $14 Million in personal production (billings) and has placed IT Executives and Cyber Security talent at all levels up to and including CIO, CTO, CISO levels across all areas of emerging technologies.  ASAP Talent serves over 75 major Fortune 500 clients throughout North America and internationally in Singapore, Germany, and the UK.


Today, Jeremy is CPC and CERS Certified and is a former member of the Board of Directors as Education Chair for The Pinnacle Society, a premier consortium of 80 industry-leading recruiters in North America.  He speaks regularly at industry conferences such as NAPS, NCASP, The Fordyce Forum, HAAPC, and MASA among others.


Jeremy and his business partner, Erek Gerth, founded ASAP Talent Services in 2006 and haven’t looked back since.  Today the ASAP Team of 5 supports well over 75 of the world’s leading companies and generates annual revenues of around $1.7-$2M. Their mission has been to create a boutique talent acquisition firm focused on the highest quality service and to form lasting partnerships with clients that are poised for growth, to be a total solution provider with respect to SAP & Cyber Security Talent.  Jeremy writes industry articles and has been quoted in CIO magazine.  On a personal level, Jeremy graduated from the University of Missouri where he was on the Swimming & Diving Team.  He’s married and is a father to two daughters and a son based out of Houston, Texas.



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