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The Resilient Recruiter

Jun 2, 2023

Imagine growing your revenue by €100,000,000 in less than 3 years!

How is this possible?

In this interview, my special guest Gerard Koolen explains how he and his business partners at Lugera were able to increase revenue from €130M in 2020 to €234M by 2022.

You’ll discover the critical success factors,...

May 26, 2023

Meaningful relationships are foundational to success in recruitment. The challenge is that building a network and earning trust takes time. For many recruiters, it can take years to become established in their market niche. 


What if there was a way to speed up this process and achieve faster results? 


My special...

May 18, 2023

What are the factors that drive short-term results while ensuring the long term success of your recruitment business?


If you have ambitions to grow your recruitment agency, you’ll enjoy my conversation with Kevin Burch the CEO and co-founder of Questpro Consultants. Since they opened in 1996, Questpro has grown to a...

May 18, 2023

What are the biggest trends that affect the future of agency recruitment? Are you positioned for success in the rapidly evolving world of work? 


With advances in Open AI and the growing popularity of remote work and the gig economy, the recruitment industry is set for a major transformation in the next 5-10 years....

May 4, 2023

Do you want to attract new clients and grow your recruitment practice, regardless of market conditions? 


In this episode, you’ll hear me being interviewed by Tom Burkinshaw, the Group Marketing Director at Recruitment Entrepreneur, the world’s leading investor in recruitment start-ups and scale-ups. James Caan’s...