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The Resilient Recruiter

Mar 1, 2024

 Are you looking for innovative ways to elevate your recruitment firm's brand and solidify its presence in the industry? Podcasting might be the game-changer you haven’t tapped into yet.


In today's episode, we explore the powerful impact podcasting can have as a branding tool in the competitive recruitment industry. Our guest, Mike Richards, CEO & Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company and host of the successful Treasury Career Corner podcast, shares his journey and provides a blueprint for podcasting to strengthen your brand's reach, authority, and engagement. 


Tune in for actionable tips, inspiring success stories, and strategic insights on effectively utilizing podcasting to highlight your recruitment brand and deepen your connection with your audience. Whether you’re new to podcasting or looking to refine your approach, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways to help your recruitment firm stand out.


Episode Outline And Highlights


  • [01:51] Mike’s background and what he does in the finance recruiting 

  • [02:56] How Mike got into the recruitment space

  • [04:31] Mike's highs and lows as a founder in the treasury recruiting space since 2002

  • [07:20] 3 Lessons Mike has learned from over 20 years of building a resilient business 

  • [09:40] Measures Mike has in place to ensure he doesn’t put his business at risk by overspending when he is doing well. 

  • [11:26] Mike’s settlement period and how he makes sure he gets paid without ruffling too many feathers 

  • [15:03] Policies to encourage prompt payment within the guaranteed period 

  • [17:55] How much Mike has implemented from Profits First book

  • [20:28] When Mike started the Global Salary Survey, they systemized it and how it works

  • [24:45] How Mike uses Global Salary Survey for marketing purposes

  • [28:48] How data empowers the provision of market insights and intelligence to your clients

  • [29:43] What inspired Mike to launch his podcast and the keys to his success

  • [34:29] Mike's podcast strategy and how his podcast has spanned off to other opportunities

  • [43:42] How Mike manages the cashflow issues and the cost of running his podcast events

  • [47:28] What Mike is doing in marketing that is working well for his company 

  • [49:33] Mike's techniques for leveraging social media for his business 

  • [53:46] Marketing engine: Getting in front of people who are interested in your offer


Drivers of Success For Your Recruitment Business

Mike and I discussed his recruitment company, Treasury Recruitment Company, which is a truly global treasury recruitment firm established in 2002. It specializes in global treasury recruitment and supports both permanent and interim assignments, giving its clients greater flexibility and choice. The company boasts a track record of successfully placing candidates at all levels, from corporate treasury to analysts and directors and across various sectors from multinationals to consultancies.


During our discussion, Mike shares three invaluable lessons gleaned from over two decades in the recruitment industry, each contributing to the resilience and success of his business. 


Firstly, he emphasized the importance of prudent cash flow management. Mike highlighted the tendency of many recruitment firms to overlook the economics of their spending when they are doing well, leading to potential pitfalls such as imprudent trips, expansion, or investments.


Secondly, he underscored the necessity of closely looking at and monitoring your finances, income, and expenses and ensuring the fuel gauges are topped up for smooth operations. 


Lastly, Mike stressed the interconnectedness of these lessons, emphasizing that financial health is the lifeblood of any business and that careful attention to cash flow, income, and expenditure is fundamental to long-term success.

The Role of Podcasting in Recruitment Branding


Using podcasting to grow your recruitment business revolves around sharing compelling stories, providing an avenue for expression, and maintaining consistency. Mike shares that when they started the Treasury Career Corner Podcast, their audience was modest, with their episodes gaining about 30, 40, or 60 downloads. Despite initial skepticism about the investment, Mike highlights the value of engaging even a small audience, equating it to the opportunity of speaking directly to a handful of attentive individuals about your recruitment services. 


Over time, their podcast's reach grew significantly, now averaging 400 to 500 downloads per episode and boasting a total of 135,000 downloads. Mike believes that the importance of his podcast goes beyond just the statistics. The podcast has opened up opportunities for him, such as invitations to national conferences where he could make meaningful connections and meet fascinating guests. The stories shared on his podcast have helped establish him as an authority in his industry.


We all begin somewhere, and initially, according to Mike, attracting 10 or 20 highly engaged prospects is pivotal. While quantity holds importance, prioritizing quality is paramount. It's not about attracting a considerable number of people but rather connecting with individuals who are genuinely interested and attentive to what you offer. Building a community of interested prospects is far more valuable than having 10,000 cold prospects.


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Mike Richards Bio and Contact Info

Mike Richards is the CEO & Founder of the Treasury Recruitment Company.


Established in 2002, The Treasury Recruitment Company are the only truly Global Treasury Recruitment firm in the world. They recruit at all levels within Corporate Treasury from Treasury Analyst to Treasury Director for multinational corporates, consultancies and a range of financial institutions.


Mike regularly speaks at Treasury Recruitment conferences such as the EuroFinance International Treasurers Conference, the Windy City Summit – Chicago and AFP USA Treasurers Conference about;

  • the power of personal branding
  • how to attract, manage and retain treasury talent
  • the latest trends happening within the global treasury recruitment market.


In addition Mike also hosts the popular podcast where he interviews treasury professionals about their careers. 


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