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The Resilient Recruiter

May 21, 2020

As we are now navigating through one of the most challenging moments of running a recruitment business, where should we focus our time, energy and resources for maximum return in both the short and long term?

In this episode of the Resilient Recruiter, my special guest Jordan Lawrence reveals the incredibly effective marketing strategies behind the growth of his core business, Payments & Cards Network.  He breaks down how to partner with media companies, events organizers and even local governments to dominate your market niche.  

Of course, we’ll also dig into what Jordan’s doing right now to pivot his marketing during the coronavirus crisis and ensure his company is well-positioned to catch the rebound.

You’ll also hear Jordan’s valuable insights and perspective on building a success culture in different countries, hiring recruiters, keeping your team motivated and engaged, experimenting with the 4-day workweek, and embracing the “next normal.”

Jordan founded the Payments & Cards Network around 10 years ago and the business has since evolved into a Micro Niche Recruitment group called PCN Capital which is comprised of Payments & Cards Network, Digital Source, Sekura Capital and PCM (Payments & Cards Media). The three recruitment brands focus on the FinTech Space, Data Science & Cyber Security respectively and operate from offices in Atlanta, Amsterdam & Singapore.

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [3:00] How the business is dealing with the coronavirus.
  • [5:55] An important key to keep your team motivated and engaged in these difficult circumstances.
  • [8:20] Discussion on two areas of adjustments to “up their game”. 
  • [10:15] How to reassure hesitant candidates during the coronavirus crisis - Warning: This is not a recruitment spiel.
  • [13:10]  Jordan’s philosophy on building a community with media businesses.  
  • [19:30] A very interesting discussion [+pointers] on how to keep a LinkedIn group relevant.
  • [23:20] Will switching to a four-day workweek work for your business?
  • [29:05] Jordan discusses the “new normal” for recruiting businesses.
  • [32:45] Hear about Jordan’s “How to Hire Remotely with Confidence” webinar.
  • [36:00] Benefits of having multinational offices versus having just one head office.
  • [39:20] What led to Jordan’s partnership with a local government 

Building a Community via the Media Businesses

Jordan shared why and how he built a community through media and marketing and how it impacted his business. Dive into Jordan’s brilliant ideas on how to make marketing work for his business. For example, hear how using magazines in both physical and digital format helped his recruitment business grow exponentially. 

The Philosophy Behind a Four-Day Workweek

Will a four-day workweek fly in the recruitment industry? Hear Jordan’s perspective on how it can be a huge benefit. One way he puts it is “People before would sort of work really hard over the five days, binge on a Saturday… belly recovering on a Sunday, and stumbling to work on a Monday morning, it may not be so productive.” He added “Arguably, is there much getting done anyway on a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon? I don’t know. Now we are giving the opportunity to have a really good rest..”

Adding Value to the Ecosystem of the Niche that You are Serving

Having a multinational firm, Jordan’s success is defined by his mindset on adding value. In his words, “I think it is making yourself a part of the fabric of the industry you are trying to service rather than being seen as someone only taking and I think that’s really important.”

On having a global presence, this is what he said: “If you are serious about growing globally in a niche market, you have to be on the ground and you have to have facetime. It shows you’re there for the long haul rather than just making the sort of hit and run deal which you do see all over the place.”

He also discussed their support for the "Free a Girl" foundation which frees young girls from sexual slavery. You may refer to the link in the below section.

Jordan Lawrence Bio and Contact Info

Jordan Lawrence founded the Payments & Cards Network around 10 years ago and has since started a Micro Niche Recruitment group called PCN Capital which comprises of Payments & Cards Network, Digital Source, Sekura Capital and PCM (Payments & Cards Media) with offices in Atlanta, Amsterdam & Singapore the three brands focus on the FinTech Space, Data Science & Cyber Security respectively. Jordan also Co-Founded Volt Open Banking at the start of 2019 with FinTech industry experts sourced from his experience with PCN.

We are hiring aggressively at the moment so if you wish to take part in our growth as well as our forward-thinking culture, 4 day week and general good vibes then reach out to our excellent Head of People and Ops Victoria Hammond (who joined us from Google incidentally) at

People and Resources Mentioned

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