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The Resilient Recruiter

Nov 29, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of managing a remote team, a topic significantly relevant in today’s era where flexibility and adaptability are critical to success.

We are joined by Sam Brenner, owner of CRB Workforce, which is 100% remote. Sam and I discussed his strategies and actionable insights on how they build their high-performing culture in a remote setup. From leadership styles and collaborative check-ins to leveraging tech stack, you will hear Sam’s action points to thriving in the world of remote team management.

Guided by his motto, "The harder you work, the luckier you get," Sam is living proof of how determination and ambition lead to incredible outcomes. 

Sam launched his recruitment agency in 2018 from his apartment. Since then the business has grown rapidly to a team of 16 recruiting technology and marketing people across multiple sectors. 

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [01:03] From Commercial Real Estate to Recruiting.

  • [07:49] Sam shares his fears and challenges of launching his recruitment firm in 2018.

  • [16:22] How to create strong relationships with long-term contractors and consultants.

  • [22:51] Staying resilient in dealing with multiple setbacks.

  • [27:13] Building a sustainable culture in a remote working environment.

  • [38:46] Investing in systems and processes to enhance collaboration in a remote setup.

  • [42:30] Sam reveals their daily practices and activities to keep everyone engaged remotely.

  • [51:25] Discussion on core values and how they translate to performance and culture.

  • [57:40] Navigating the 2023 recruitment market.


Building Team Culture Remotely Through Collaboration Systems and Practices 


A common ground between me and Sam is that our businesses are operating 100% remotely. Managing a remote team can be challenging for some recruitment business owners, especially on the collaboration part. So Sam and I discussed their best practices on how they keep their team together, the systems they use, and the practices they do, in order to work collaboratively in a 100% remote setup.


  • Leadership - Sam shared his leadership style that contributes to their culture and way of working. He emphasized the value of transparency - with him being an “open book.” He also elaborated on trust and the philosophy of “pushing your way in, don’t wait to be pulled in.”


  • Collaborative Check-ins - Sam discussed their concept of Zoom check-ins for collaborative tasks and highlighted the value of investing in systems that promote communication and collaboration. We also talked about the importance of having clear agendas and keeping virtual meetings focused. Sam also shared their “Wednesday Walk Day” which well resonated with our team.


  • Systems - Sam shared online platforms and applications that they use to collaborate such as Miro, Bullhorn, and Nectar.


Core Values That Translate to a Culture of Performance

Core values contribute to your recruitment firm's success as they cover your team’s culture and well-being, which translate to overall performance. With his team working 100% remotely, Sam believes that their core values play an important role in keeping their team together despite working in different time zones. He shared their organization’s core values:

  • The Power of Attitude - “You know, just be in control and set your attitude, because it's one of the only things you can control.”


  • Feedback - “Feedback is like a huge pillar for us, and so it's feedback, and it's giving effective feedback, taking feedback. So it's a two-way street, and that's one of the things that I lead with. I'm giving people feedback and I'm always asking for feedback, and so if someone sees something they don't like, they don't wallow in it.”


  • Pressure - “I want people to face the pressure. I want people to run towards their legacy, like, not away from it. “


As a recruitment business owner, having values aligned with your vision and mission statement can strengthen your team’s bond and guide your organization’s decision-making. 


Resilience in Launching His Business and Navigating the Future of Recruitment


Sam and I also zoomed in on the challenges and struggles he had to overcome when launching his own business. He shared his transition from commercial real estate to recruitment, and how his strong sales background became a foundation for his success in recruiting. When he launched CRB in 2018, he had to endure a roller coaster of emotions and had to overcome his fear of failure. He also had to deal with a lawsuit that lasted for two and a half years. If you are a recruiter aspiring to build your own recruitment practice, you will be inspired by Sam’s early struggles as this led to his current success. 


We also talked about the 2023 market and how they are navigating this erratic recruitment market. We agreed that the most effective way to deal with it is to put ourselves in the best possible position to capture opportunities that will always be there.  The only way to do that is just to keep doing the right things, day in and day out.


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Sam Brenner Bio and Contact Info


Guided by his motto, "The harder you work, the luckier you get," Sam Brenner is living proof of how determination and ambition lead to incredible outcomes. His business journey started back in 2018 as a humble operation in his apartment. Now, the Founder and CEO of CRB Workforce, a rapidly growing recruitment agency, he’s turned his company into a force to be reckoned with, spanning the US and beyond. From startups to industry giants, CRB has served so many incredible businesses. 


Sam has achieved remarkable success and earned a prominent —and well-deserved—place in the business world. With over 20 years of experience and a passion for creating opportunities to better other people’s lives.


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