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The Resilient Recruiter

May 5, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely impacted the jobs market and most likely presented new challenges to your recruitment business. Are you looking for alternatives to pivot your recruitment marketing strategies? Then you will definitely want to listen to my interview with Yosef Colish, Managing Director of Leah Yosef International, an executive search firm in the wealth-management space.


In this episode, Yosef shared how he adapted his approach and strategy when reaching out to potential clients given the current pandemic situation. You will also hear Yosef’s story, techniques, habits, and most importantly his mindset which will give you a clear picture of what it takes to be a million-dollar producer.

Episode Outline and Highlights

[3:00] 10 Before 10:00 Principle

[7:00] Focus on Messaging and Approach 

[11:19] “The pool is cold and just figure out a way to jump in”

[14:20] Pivot and Changing Focus

[19:00] “What is my Why?”

[24:00] On managing your business: What do you personally focus your time on and what do you delegate to your assistants or offshore researchers?

[33:18] Yosef’s story: From a research associate to a top producer

[42:30] Work-Life Balance

10 Before 10:00 Principle 

Leah Yosef International is a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices. One thing that SRA President Jeff Kaye said that resonated with Yosef is, “There are certain clients out there that need you right now.” So Yosef decided to apply the 10 before 10:00 principle. Listen as he discusses the three simple steps he is taking that has resulted in a lead every single day - and in one case he got 7 jobs!


If you want to read more about the 10 before 10:00 formula, read my blog article “How to Increase Your Sales Activity”  and increase your sales activity by clicking on this link.

Focus on Messaging and Approach 

Focus on approach and messaging helped Yosef reach out to his leads and client positively. He was able to converse with the intention concentrated on caring and making human connection rather than just trying to sell something. In his words, “You already have the icebreaker. It’s just ‘How are you?’”.  He also shared an overview of at least three phases when reaching out to their leads in a nine-day cycle, as well as what tools they are using.

“The pool is cold and just figure out a way to jump in”

Reaching out to leads can be difficult sometimes. Yosef shared a really motivating success story of how overcoming negative thoughts in his head got him a contingent job order. Definitely worth hearing.

Pivot and Changing Focus

Reallocating his time to improve his business, Yosef shifted his strategy to add Consulting as a service offering to complement his existing Perm/Direct Hire business.  Same market, same prospect, same relationship, providing a different solution that may be relevant is really good thinking. Yosef shared how his move is taking traction. 

“What is my Why?”

In the middle of our conversation, a very interesting mindset was shared by Yosef: “Just one thing I struggled with for a very long time was ‘What’s my why?’”  


Being a father and a breadwinner, money is a pretty big WHY. But it didn’t feel good to Yosef if that was the only reason. Yosef believes that it is not just about money. It is about changing people’s lives.  


Inspired by Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World”, Yosef used to be a medical student. With his present role, listen to his thoughts on how he contributes to “heal the world and make it a better place”. Hear his insights on how his business fits with his mission and what he is trying to build. 

On managing your business: What do you personally focus your time on and what do you delegate to your assistants or offshore researchers?

A recruiter professional’s tasks can be daunting. How does Yosef manage his time by effective delegation? In his words: “I focus my time on anything that has to do with deals and interacting with my clients. Reaching out to candidates if I know that they are interested.”


For him to focus on interacting with his clients, tasks that take a lot of time and effort and energy can be delegated.  “Anything that anyone else can possibly do, that I can give 20 minutes of training and they can do it for 25 hours over the course of the year, that is awesome!”


But with all these tasks, how does he manage and keep track of all that’s happening? There are four things on his desk that help him keep track. He also shared four software/tools that help him manage these tasks. 


Yosef’s story: From a research associate to a top producer

Yosef recalls the time he started as a part-time executive assistant, becoming a research associate rising as a big biller and a partner in his firm. What he achieved in a relatively short period of time is remarkable. His account just shows how driving and taking responsibility for your development lead to success. 

Work-Life Balance

Having very clear parameters around things, how do Yosef balance being a dad and doing other things? Hear his one effective technique in managing all different aspects. 

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