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The Resilient Recruiter

Jan 25, 2023

Posting original LinkedIn content is an effective way to build your brand, create top-of-mind awareness and become the go-to recruiter in your niche.


Yet according to LinkedIn, only 1% of active users create content on the platform. Why aren’t more recruitment firm owners seizing this opportunity? Perhaps they’re suffering from “imposter syndrome” or maybe they just don’t know where to start. 


In the 6th installment of our Recruiter Mistakes series, we explain the benefits of posting original content on Linkedin consistently. We want to get you motivated to become a content creator! You’ll also hear some ideas on what to post and how to get started.


Episode Outline and Highlights


  • [02:10] Why we advocate posting original content on LinkedIn. 
  • [04:49] What do we mean by original content?
  • [07:04] Top three reasons that people may hold back from posting, and why you should still create original posts.
  • [15:02] Original versus curated content.
  • [16:00] What should be the content of your posts?
  • [21:00] How often should you post LinkedIn content?
  • [22:46] Tips and tricks on how to create posts.
  • [27:38] Preview of our next episode in this series.


Three Reasons Why You Should Post Original Content


What do we mean by original content? Well a lot of the stuff you see in your news feed is curated content (sharing or reposting) instead of original content. We want you to be a content creator, not a content distributor!


Why should it matter if the content is original or curated? Aside from the fact that LinkedIn’s algorithm will enable you to get more organic engagement via original content, here are three reasons:


  1. You will position yourself as an authority in your own niche.
  2. You become visible to your network’s newsfeed.
  3. People will understand your market knowledge and personality which will build trust.

What Might Hold You Back and Why You Should Post Anyway


Here are some of the reasons that might hold you back from starting or keeping up posting original content regularly, and why the reason can be superficial and must be overcome:


A post won't do well and it might be a flop - There is no such thing! Even if your posts average 500-1000 views that’s fantastic. That means 1000 people have been exposed to your brand and your ideas. If you post 5 times per week, that’s 5000 impressions per week ... 260,000 in a year. Think of the impact that could have on the success of your business.


Feeling Uncomfortable - If you feel that maybe people might not like what you post, or maybe you will get trolled, this should not hold you back from posting original content. I used to feel that way and even felt anxiety when I first starting on posting years ago. But nothing bad ever happened, only tons of good things. People responded and the posts resonated. It took quite a while for the anxiety to die away, but now I don’t think twice.


Impostor Syndrome - Do you feel that you do not know what to say that can be worthy to share out there? Keep in mind that as a successful recruitment business owner, you are doing a disservice to your market if you are now sharing your expertise on the market. You are qualified to help people in your niche, and you can bring value by sharing your own insights and knowledge.


What and When to Publish?


There are different formats when posting, for example a poll, text only, or image. In terms of getting started, a good example is presenting ideas or insights based on your own experience and the conversations you’re already having every day in your market.


Although entertainment posts such as GIFs or memes tend to perform well, just relying on entertainment won’t cut it if you are wanting to be seen as an expert in your space.


It’s best to share a mixture of personal and professional content. Let’s focus on Authority Content - as this should be at least 50% of the content you share. What are the topics you want to be known as an expert in? 


A brilliant copywriter in history, Gary Halbert, once said: "Find out what your audience is hungry for and then serve it to them hot." 


How often should you be posting? Whatever will be sustainable for you.  We recommend posting at least 3-4 times per week. We compare this to going to the gym.  It’s easy to be enthusiastic at the start but will you stay consistent 6-12 months from now?  Set a pace that you can maintain rather than go all in for a few weeks only to fizzle out.


This is an investment that will pay compound interest over time. You might not see results overnight, but you will indeed see those results in the long run.  

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