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The Resilient Recruiter

May 12, 2020

With many countries in “lockdown” in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, businesses have been forced to adopt a remote work model.  If you own a recruitment business, managing recruiters remotely presents some significant challenges.  How do you keep your team members motivated and engaged?  How can you ensure people are productive without physically being there to supervise them? 

In this episode of The Resilient Recruiter my very special guest, Ann Zaslow-Rethaber joins me to share her insights on running a successful team based on 20+ years of experience managing remote recruiters.

Ann has been a recruiter since 1996 and she is the President of the International Search Consultants (ISC), a global executive recruitment firm. Ann launched ISC in 1999 her company has become one of the most reputable search firms in the United States, earning more recommendations on LinkedIn than any third party recruitment agency in the country. 

Episode Outline and Highlights

[2:30] Ann talks about visiting Mark in Scotland and shares her philosophy of investing in experiences and relationships instead of collecting “things.” 

[5:17] Why Ann considers the Pandemic situation a “golden opportunity.” 

[14:47] Two business principles to help you and your remote team stay on top of things.

[22:52] How to hold your remote team accountable -- Ann explains two significant factors.

[28:52] Praise vs Criticism: which is better for increasing your team’s performance?

[35:17] A very powerful approach to help managers create accountability. 

[41:43] Three things that Ann would have done differently if she knew then what she knows today.

[45:43] Ann’s story -- from flight attendant to top producing recruiter; how being a working mother forced her to become super-productive

Successful Remote Working Even Prior to the Pandemic

Ann was already set-up for remote working prior to the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to listen to her strategy and how she achieved $142,000 in billing in one month, you may want to listen to our previous interview - look for the link below under People and Resources. 

The Importance of Investing in a Great Working Relationship

With the current difficult situation we are facing with the Pandemic, there is a tendency for some recruiters to become radio silent with their clients. On the contrary, now is the time to be close and to stay in contact with clients. Ann is doing just that. She believes that now is the golden opportunity to walk the talk. She ensured to have her team message their clients, with the focus on saying  “I'm just touching base, and letting you know that we’re here.” Ann also shared her thoughts on why “time is the most valuable thing that any of us have.”

As Ann puts it, “Just human compassion. You don’t always have to make money off a relationship, you can just have the working relationship because you like the person and you want to check on them. I think it’s a golden opportunity to walk that walk.”

Overcoming Remote Working Challenges

Remote working is now becoming more and more common. “The negatives in the past have always been synergy and making people accountable.” as Ann recalled. However, with the current technology available, working virtually is actually resulting in a lot of good results. Ann said, “There are so many benefits from working virtually and not requiring people to get in cars or to get in planes to drive from one place to the other.”

Would it be possible to manage a virtual team as if you are managing people in the same location? Ann stated, “Twice a week meetings, daily meetings, touching base, anything that you can do live just about you can do online with this amazing technology that we all have.”

Learning from the Past

You’ll enjoy Ann’s story on how she went from being a flight attendant to becoming a top biller in the recruitment industry. Also, hear her insights on three things that she considers she would have done differently when building her business if she knew then what she knows now. 

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