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The Resilient Recruiter

May 25, 2022

“For those out there that are starting a firm or for those recruiters out there thinking about starting a firm… when people really will look at the mirror and understand what their capabilities are, and where there are gaps and they work on that, they will then become a better leader.” 

I am very much looking forward to sharing this episode with you. My very special guest, Bert Miller, with more than 25 years of leadership experience in the world of work, has been very generous in sharing golden nuggets of wisdom. Hear his fascinating insights on the “Great Realignment” and how it impacts our recruitment business today. You will also hear major trends in the recruitment industry as well as effective techniques you can use to warm up your leads.

Bert currently serves as President of Protis Global, plus President and CEO of MRINetwork, a network-centric recruitment organization that offers consulting, training, contract staffing, and community building to over 325 search firms worldwide

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [2:05] How Bert started as a recruiter leading up to him becoming President and CEO of MRI.
  • [8:06] How recruitment firm owners can future-proof their business.
  • [10:30] The 10-4-2 strategy to engage people on LinkedIn.
  • [16:32] How to effectively use LinkedIn to warm up your leads using the headline approach.
  • [26:25] What is the “Great Realignment?” 
  • [31:50] Bert’s principle on ‘storytelling your North Star.”
  • [37:35] The importance of empowering your recruiters to have their own personal brand.
  • [42:29] Circling back to the Great Realignment, how do recruitment business owners ensure that they are in the forefront?
  • [45:13] Bert shares the biggest mistakes he sees recruiters making: from rookies to long-term veterans.
  • [48:39] Success factors for owning and growing a recruitment firm.

LinkedIn Strategies to Warm Up Your Leads

How are you using LinkedIn as a tool to find potential candidates or clients? You will be delighted to hear strategies shared by Bert on how to warm up your leads using this platform. How do you connect with an executive? How do you make your presence felt with insightful engagement? Bert shared two techniques:

  • The 10-4-2 Strategy and 
  • The Headline Approach

The Great Realignment

A fascinating insight shared by Bert is about the “Great Realignment”. In his words, “What happened in the last two and a half years only accelerated something that is already underway… The power of individuals coming in to play… The dynamics coming into play about the hybrid model, working flexible… I think companies that do not react or respond enough on the last several years to the individual… those organizations are now stepping back.” 

With this transition, how do recruitment businesses remain in the forefront instead of being left behind? Bert placed an emphasis on rehiring your people all the time - keeping the ones you have and storytelling your North Star. You will hear a more elaborated explanation about it in this episode. Also, key areas that would need to be addressed are:

  • Proper planning
  • Learning what is going on in your sector
  • Going deeper in your ‘dig’

Bert’s Success Factors in Owning and Scaling Your Recruitment Business

With over 25 years of leadership experience in the world of work running Protis Global and becoming President of the MRI Network, what are the success factors that Bert can share to all our listeners? 

“I find myself at 60-years-old continuing to learn every day. I know that I am not there. My team does that too. So having that humility and vulnerability does not make you weaker as an organization, it actually makes you stronger.”

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Bert Miller Bio and Contact Info

With over 25 years of leadership experience in the world of work, Bert E. Miller currently serves as CEO of Protis Global,  Ace Talent Curators, and President and CEO of MRI Network. MRI is a network-centric recruitment organization that offers consulting, training, contract staffing, and community building to over 325 search firms worldwide. Bert also co-founded Protis Global, an award-winning search and recruitment firm specializing in the F&B, CPG, cannabis, and hospitality industries. Bert is an active speaker, mentor, advisor, and investor. He hosts the MRINetwork Podcast and his new video podcast series, "Beyond the Bottom Line," features interviews with CEOs and leaders from across categories on issues impacting the world of work.

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